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 Weekend Activities

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PostSubject: Weekend Activities   Sun May 23, 2010 10:24 pm

Hope everyone had as good of a weekend as I did. Friday I celebrated 64 wonderful years of life. Thanks for all the birthday wishes. Friday night was a fun time at crop.

Many of you know that I have a 10 yr. old granddaughter playing travel softball. After a late night at crop, it was up early Saturday morning to the softball field for a tournament( 4 games saturday). Then back to the field Sunday morning for the first game ( 8:30 am).

Their coach said he would have a short devotional at 7:30 am for those who would like to attend. I was there by 7:00 am. I was pleasantly surprised. Most of the team members were there and several parents and 1 grandma. The coach broght hymn books and led singing . He emphasizedthe importance of worshiping on Sunday and that anytime we have a tournament on Sunday we will worship first for those who want to participate. Another man taught a short Bible lesson. The coach concluded with a good application of the lesson to their playing on the field and their actions off the field. I was soooo impressed! The team and their families are very blessed to have a coach who loves the lord and is a Christian role model for our children.

In this day and time it is wonderful to know that some one who leads our children still has his priorities in order.

I am thinking about going to Monday crop. Are any of you going? flower
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PostSubject: Re: Weekend Activities   Mon May 24, 2010 1:22 pm

I loved reading your post. That was a real encouragement! Glad you felt so well and could enjoy your birthday weekend.

I spent all day Saturday with a friend. We chilled out, had lunch at El Tapatio, and saw Letters to Juliet. It was a great day. Yesterday was church and a great meal at my mom-in-laws house and then back to church. Bobby was off work yesterday so it was a great day to spend with him and our son.

Hope everyone else also had a great weekend!
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I got glue in my veins
I got glue in my veins

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PostSubject: Re: Weekend Activities   Tue May 25, 2010 10:44 am

Sounds like it was a weekend to spend with friends and family. Friday night at crop was lots of fun, but I started feeling a little ill before I went home. We headed to our daughters on Saturday to celebrate the baby's first birthday and to see our son-in-laws parents. Other than feeling bad, it was a very nice day. The children all played well together and we had a very nice meal and an enjoyable time.

Sunday would have been time for Bible study and worship, but I had low grade fever Saturday night and felt pretty bad, so I stayed home. I missed being able to go and worship very much. I felt bad for not going, but I really wasn't up to it at all.
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PostSubject: Re: Weekend Activities   

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Weekend Activities
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